This was a super fun project I recently shot in downtown L.A.  We worked with the Doner LA team to execute their “Be An Outsider In the City” campaign for LL Bean.  To make this adventure brand fit in the city, we mixed key LL Bean wardrobe pieces with off brand urban wardrobe, giving it an authentic vibe.   

We shot in a number of nooks and crannies of downtown Los Angeles in order to mimic the look of various urban areas across the country. The shot list was ambitious and included both stills & animated GIFs, so we knew careful planning was needed (particularly shooting in a crowded downtown area on a weekday) I spent a lot of time location scouting and studying the light.

Our final shooting schedule was planned down the minute as we shuttled crew, talent and agency to over a dozen stops. It was a successful day and spirits were high, despite an early morning rain shower (Yes it does sometimes rain in LA!)  

Client: LL Bean
Agency:  Doner LA
Creative Director: Jason Gaboreau
Art Director: Alex Gunderson
Production Co: Rebecca Schatten / Arpen Productions
Wardrobe: Holly Copeland
HMU: Stephanie Daniel