We had a blast creating this 50th anniversary campaign for American Home Shield, a company that provides warranties on home appliances.

We staged three unique vintage kitchen scenes from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s to create lifestyle moments that tapped into nostalgic emotional memories from the viewer’s past.  For levity we pulled in some of the more iconic and humorous moments in fashion and pop culture trends over the years.

I worked directly with the client team to develop the creative, and they gave me a lot of freedom. I definitely pulled from my own childhood and young adult memories through these decades. I dug through old family photo albums studying decor, style, body language and photo developing techniques throughout the years.

Production was intense and I was lucky to have such a great team.  We had a very short pre-pro window which started with a location hunt in the Nashville area.  Wardrobe, hair & makeup planning were all super specific (and sometimes hilarious).  And in terms of set design and props, I have so much love for set designer Ruby Guidara who knocked it out of the park… and on an extremely short timeline.

We only had a 1/2 day at each location to stage and shoot, and in most cases we were also installing vintage appliances.  (During the same 4 day shoot, we also captured a lot of ‘evergreen’ content for the client, which you can view in this post.)  It was a busy four days!
In addition to the still photography we shot motion assets, including a ’70s spot in the style of a home video.  The lighting team made some magic everywhere we went, utilizing continuous light for both stills and motion. In post, I developed a unique look and feel for each decade utilizing color tone and grain, and we kept this consistent in the video.
An interesting thing I learned… ’70s props are a lot easier to come by than ’80s props.  Why?  In the ’80s they began using more plastics in manufacturing and items just broke down faster.  Yep its true… stuff was just made better in the ’70s and more of it is still around!
Photographer/Director: Natalie Faye
DP: Matt Satterfield
Producer: Michelle Abnet
Production Company: Revolution Pictures
Art Director: Ruby Guidara
Prop Master: Jeff Legore
Wardrobe: Kate Brown / Stephanie Thorpe
HMU: Marz Collins
Lighting: Andy Miller & Derrick Hood
DigiTech: Joel Hood