American Home Shield came to us when they decided to create their first ever content library.  AHS provides warranties on home appliances and wanted to build positive lifestyle moments around this theme.  They had rough wish lost of stills & motion assets however they needed a creative partner for help refine their creative ideas and make a plan for execution.  We rolled up our sleeves and got to work!  I walked the team through the development of a creative brief and shot list.

The shoot took place in Nashville where the client is based. We shot at six residential locations over four days.  I shot still photography and alternated directing motion with a DP by my side.  We lit all our scenes with continuous light that worked for both teams.

In addition to their “evergreen” content library, we staged 3 unique vintage kitchen scenes from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s as specialized content for their 50th anniversary campaign (see the vintage series in this post).

Between lighting crew, art department and talent families, we had a lot of folks on set.  Stringent Covid measures were in place including PCR testing, an experienced CCO, and on-set protocols to keep us all safe.  We cast regional agency talent and then utilized their own families so we could still capture authentic intimate interactions during Covid. 

Hats off to producer Michelle Abnet and the amazing team at Revolution Pictures for a flawless production!

Photographer/Director: Natalie Faye
DP: Matt Satterfield
Producer: Michelle Abnet
Production Company: Revolution Pictures
Art Director: Ruby Guidara
Prop Master: Jeff Legore
Wardrobe: Kate Brown / Stephanie Thorpe
HMU: Marz Collins
Lighting: Andy Miller & Derrick Hood
DigiTech: Joel Hood