We shot this job for Samsung over two days in L.A. at the beginning of the year before the lockdown. Originally scheduled to shoot in Australia, the fires pushed the production to the U.S. only a few weeks before the shoot date. We hit the ground running, starting with multi-day location scouts from Malibu to Palos Verdes.
We had an extensive set build for each day, as the art department erected a special custom-built wall on which the TV would hang. After the set was built in the morning, each day had three separate scenes with their own lighting schematics, and capturing masters, plates and product details of each.

This was Samsung’s first outdoor TV, a product which boasts extreme brightness in outdoor light.  So our daytime lighting needed to emulate hard beams of sunlight raking across the TV, while still being flattering for the talent.  To add to the challenge, we had stormy weather passing through both days. For the night scenes, I crafted lighting setups with a separate gaffer team using continuous lighting for a more cinematic feel.

We were using a mockup of the TV as the final product was in still production, so we were also factoring in post-production needs as we went along. This was Samsung TV’s first shoot outside the studio so there was a lot of technical discussions during pre-pro to help prepare them for the inevitable variabilities of outdoor shooting.
All told, we had 60 people on set. There were 6 client & agency folks in town from South Korea, so our bi-lingual producer Ben was tirelessly translating conversations back and forth like a champ.

Overall the client had in mind a very particular style for lighting and talent performance, and I was really pleased we were able to get them exactly what they wanted.

The shoot wrapped with a mood of celebration and hugs all around (sigh, remember those?).  Glad to have made some new Korean friends and look forward to working with this team again!

Client: Samsung
Agency: Cheil Worldwide
LA Production Co: Xology Made
South Korean Production Co: A.gain Pictures
Creative Directors: Kyung Min Kung & Hyunwoo Kim
Art Director: Hyo Myung Kim
Props: Amy Chin
Wardrobe: Lisa Bae
HMU: Ree Yoo