We produced, shot and edited this short doc for Spectrum News last year. Just found out we earned a Silver Telly Award which was a cherry on top!

To cover this story, we spent a fascinating day with brain scientist Alysson Muotri in his lab in La Jolla, California to tell the touching story of his cutting edge autism research involving robots and tiny brains… and how it relates to his own autistic son.

BTS: The client was not able to attend the shoot so we did a lot pre-pro work to make sure we were all on the same page regarding the goal for the story and the type of visuals our team would capture. On the day of the shoot, we captured the audio interview first, with the client on zoom so they could oversee. After the interview the CD and i did quick review of our shot list and made some adjustments based on some interesting discoveries brought forward in the interview. We handled post-production in house and also delivered several shortened edits for trailers and social, as well as close captioned versions.

Project: “Alysson Muotri: A Life in Science”
Client: Spectrum News / Simon Foundation
Creative Director: Rebecca Home