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Red Acre Farm is a small family-run organic farm that is thriving in the unlikely desert climate of Cedar City, Utah. A small family of three runs the farm — Lynn and Symbria and their daughter Sara –and they manage most of the day to day labor as well. They cultivate an astonishing array of vegetables and herbs, raise chickens for eggs, and tend a small herd of goats and one large cow for milk and cheese.

We spent a few days on the farm with the family … milked the goats, gathered vegetables, and helped prepare a true farm-to-table dinner. It so happened that our ‘table’ was set under a large tree in the yard, which brought the food’s journey full circle.

Father and daughter shaking dirt off freshly pulled root crops from their farm.

Lynn repairs the roof on the farm stand, which sits amidst their crops and provides a small storefront for CSA members to pickup their harvest.

Two happy goats nuzzle and romp in the early morning light, as they await their turn to be milked.

Sara has a curious tag-along as she totes the harvest through the farm.

It’s milking time for the farm’s one hefty milk cow, who is enjoying her breakfast while being milked.

Symbria hauls feed for the goats, during the early morning chores.

Sara takes an afternoon break from her chores, enjoying the swing that sits amidst the pumpkin patch.

Lynn gathers eggs for the dinner dish the women are preparing in the farm’s kitchen.

Symbria, the farm’s matriarch, under her wide-brimmed hat, which protects her from the hard Utah sun.

Lynn and Symbria steal a quick nap in the hammock, while Sara puts the finishing touches on dinner.

Behind the farmhouse, under a rustic chandelier hung from a large tree, an authentic farm-to-table dinner is shared among family and friends.

The sun sets behind the chicken coops at Red Acre Farm, marking the completion of another day’s work.


CSA’s such as this one are on the rise across the country, and are filling a niche for those of us who are concerned about the quality of commercially grown food in the U.S., and looking for locally grown produce, dairy, and meat.

“CSA” stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”, and the concept is that an independent farmer sells shares of the anticipated harvest to local community members. The farmer gets committed ‘investors’ up front in order to plan and finance the planting of crops, and then the CSA members receive their return on investment in the form of bounty throughout harvest season.

Many CSA’s, such as this one, are also committed to sustainable farming practices, such as organic methods (avoidance of GMO’s, chemicals and hormones) and ethical stewardship of the animals, and renewable approach to land management.

Red Acre Farm also considers itself a ‘biodynamic’ farm, which means it strives to create a diversified, balanced farm ecosystem that generates health and fertility as much as possible from within the farm itself.


Natalie Faye is West Coast photographer & director specializing in lifestyle, portraits and fashion. She has worked for brands such as Samsung, Disney, and Johnson & Johnson. She splits her time between Los Angeles & Joshua Tree and is available for travel worldwide.

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