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Air Lease Corp (ALC) has been a valued client of mine since they began in 2010. The company was founded by Steven Udvar-Hazy, former CEO of ILFC, and who Forbes tagged as the ‘godfather of the airline leasing industry’. I’ve had the pleasure of photographed Mr. Hazy and his COO partner, Mr. John Plueger, a number of times; the most recent was for ALC’s 2013 Annual Report. We shot over two days, capturing a portrait of the two gentleman, as well as a group portrait of the company’s Board of Directors.

We shot in the lobby of their building, the famous ‘1900 Avenue of the Stars’ in West L.A. (the massive glass-walled lobby has been used in a number of Hollywood films). Since we were shooting in an area of high foot traffic (within a high security building), each shoot took quite a bit of pre-production to coordinate with the building management on documentation, safety measures, and equipment setup. I consulted with the design team at Curran & Conners on concepts and props, visiting the space to take scouting shots, and had my approximate ‘angles’ approved ahead of time by client, agency, and building management.

Knowing we would have only a short window of time with the executives, we arrived early on the shoot day and made exact plans for lighting and poses in advance, using my crew as stand-ins. Once the executives were on set, we moved quickly, and within 15 minutes we had several variations on the computer monitor for the executives to review and approve on-site. Everything went smoothly, and the client and agency were happy with the results!




Natalie Faye is West Coast photographer & director specializing in lifestyle, portraits and fashion. She has worked for brands such as Samsung, Disney, and Johnson & Johnson. She splits her time between Los Angeles & Joshua Tree and is available for travel worldwide.

Los Angeles | 310.938.4715